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Show me your glory

In a moment of crisis, a father, leader, and prophet prayed, "show me your glory!"

For the past few weeks, I’ve embraced the invitation to reacquaint myself with the majesty of God.   

The overflow of this venture has appeared here on Thursdays because what we are thinking about God, is the most important thing about us. 

Is he angry, far off, forgetful or looking the other way? We will live to win his favour or perhaps to avoid him; fearful or frivolous; hoping he cares or hoping he doesn’t.

Or, are the blow-me-down glimpses of His goodness just the outer fringes of a garment that conceals a Majesty far beyond our imaginations, hopes and dreams? In this case, we bow the knee and allow all ambitions to fade, except for the invitation to know Him truly. 

Our family life, unemployment, our waiting, broken relationships, deepest griefs, highest hopes … these too, tremble in the presence of Glory.  

Step 5 in this process of responding to His call is to purposefully meditate on the glory of God. An investment that will repay over and over.

Here are a few out of the box ideas...


Jesus is “the radiance of God's glory” (Hebrews 1). Read your favourite parable, or NT account in a place that mirror’s its original setting - a park, a lake, Arthur’s Seat, or a banquet (…someday!) Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you, and carefully read the passage three times aloud, with a meditative pause between. Soak in the storyline, see and hear the Trinity in the text, listen carefully. Note the ideas that stand out, and move from reading into praying and worshipping. 

Look Up

Since "the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19) take a family member, or a socially-distanced friend, to go and watch the stars. Lie back and take it in. Consider the God who made them, the Majesty who calls you “friend." 

Find a pencil

Slow your meditative reading by writing out the scriptures, as the Kings of Israel were commanded (Deuteronomy 17:14-20). Pray for understanding, consider the structure, flow, and connections. What is God saying in this text? What is He saying today? Heather has been soaking in Scripture like this for a decade, her creative work and commentary are published here, 

Seek a mentor

Choose an author who revels in the glory of God, and digest chunks as fuel for meditation and prayer. Perhaps AW Tozer’s "Knowledge of the Holy”, Jim Packer’s "Knowing God,” Tim Chester’s “Enjoying God,” or Calvin Miller’s “Into the depths of God". 

Just as Moses' appeal was answered, yours will not go unheard.

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