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Pure Ambition

In recent weeks we have thought about the essential preparations for proximity with God. His invitation stands. An encounter predicated upon purity, wholeheartedness, and an absolute belief in our new Creation.

Step four is the narrowing of our ambition. It's a battle of intentions, a struggle with our own hearts and with the prevailing culture.

Psalm 42-43 reports a longing to be in God's presence, to satisfy Pascal’s vacuum in the only One who can. Ever since life was breathed into Adam's nostrils, the intimacy of the evening stroll was always the intention.

Yet we find our hunger dulled by temporary fixes and empty promises. Like the child who Munches Monsters* all morning and finds herself without appetite at the Sheraton’s Sunday buffet.

Too full for meaningful fellowship. But never really satisfied.

And so the long trumpet blast, the invitation to meet with God, invites us to detox. To simplify our ambition. To mimic Hezekiah’s spring clean: expelling the trash and rekindling the fire. (2Ch 29)

With Paul, we declare the pursuit of One, to know Him (Php 3:7-21) and to sing with Korah’s sons, that God is our greatest joy. (Ps 43:4)

(*Beware, other distractions are available.)

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