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More thoughts on pursuing God

Good morning folks, I hope I find you clutching your toothbrush jealously, having relieved the children of managing your doggy's dental hygiene. (See last Thursday's blog.)

In the name of progress, humanity has been pursuing hybrids for centuries - in agriculture, animal breeding, and religion. Perhaps in a moment of deep environmental concern, you considered entrusting your family to an all-electric car but the inconvenient charging locations and the risk of running out of juice just short of Newcastle have persuaded you to go for the hybrid?

Religious hybrids offer no such security. Hesitant self-protection steals intimacy with God. Listen to Jesus set out simple conditions to those who desired to receive God's kingdom blessings, "if anyone would come after me he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." (Matthew 16:24)

So also, a 21st-century disciple of Jesus is convinced that her own ideals are obsolete and has fully committed to Jesus' way of loving and living, without compromise.

This commitment takes tremendous trust in the goodness of God. Trust perhaps jaded by the passing of time, or the collecting of scars. I found confidence in Him this week while meditating on His integral, eternal, generous goodness. Goodness that he is working into each of us (Romans 15:14, Philippians 1:6).

You were not built as a hybrid.

What would it look like to deny, take, and follow to know God more intimately today?

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