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He Is Not Far From Any Of Us

Did you know that social distancing is actually in the Bible?  You'll find it in the book of Leviticus chapters 11-15.  All those regulations about what to do (isolate yourself - don't attend worship at the temple - even move outside of the camp/city in the most extreme cases) if you became unclean with illness, discharge or skin disease are examples of social distancing to reduce the risk of contamination and infection spreading through the community.  For most of our lives these chapters have been seemed weird and a chore to read through, but suddenly they come alive with new significance because they are part of our daily experiences now.  This public health legislation for Israel contained in the Law of the God are evidence of God's deep concern for the welfare and wellness of His people.

Furthermore, our current situation should also bring to life in new vivid colour the stories of Jesus' interactions with the sick and those who were considered unclean.  Jesus crossed the barriers of social alienation to touch, embrace and help those whose lives were lived under the spectre of death.

So in the coming days and weeks (perhaps even right now, like us in this house) if you face self-isolation and have to cut yourself off physically from the outside world, please remember that Jesus has not changed in the 2000 years that have passed since He walked the streets of Nazareth and Jerusalem.  He is still the God who comes near - in another context we are reassured: "He is not far from any one of us" (Acts 17:27).  So call out and reach out to Him - He is not far!

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