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What To Expect At Carrubbers This Weekend

Dear Carrubbers Church Family,

We’ve all been surprised by the events of the week and wanted to update you on what to expect this weekend.  The instructions issued by the UK Government mean that for the next few weeks we will not be able to meet together corporately in 65 High Street, or in each others' homes, in order to help suppress the transmission of the virus. 

However, that doesn't mean church is cancelled!  The building we meet in is closed, but the people who gather in it are not.  So we are working on a number of creative and technological ways of delivering ministry into your homes and connecting you together in your home groups.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll be learning and trying some new things to try to make this the best experience possible.

Here’s what will happen this Sunday:

Sunday morning service:

We have prepared an online service hosted on the Carrubbers website. 

  • Links will be provided on Saturday night/Sunday morning on the frontpage of the website, by email, and on social media.
  • There will be links to videos for songs to listen to, a prayer and the sermon.
  • There will be Sunday School material attached for download.

After you've watched the service/sermon, either this weekend or by next weekend, we will be encouraging your home groups to arrange a time to connect online - to discuss some questions, to pray and to encourage one another.

Sunday evening:

  • We will provide a link to a video and the audio of the sermon which will have been pre-recorded, for you to listen to whenever suits you.
  • We will also provide a link to the Logos bible study that has been pre-recorded for the students.

Going Forward:

  • Our home group network is going to play an important role during this unusual time.  The pastors and elders will be working diligently to work through the home groups network to supply Bible ministry, pastoral support and inspiration for mission.
  • Other ministries will make their own arrangements for staying connected (e.g. Day Time Women to Women, Youth Ministries, Logos, etc.)
  • You can pray along with us and receive a daily devotion from the pastoral staff by visiting and subscribing to the PrayingTogether newsletter

We are very sad not to be able to meet together in the usual way, but are praying that through this time we will grow, mature and find opportunities to bless others in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus help us, we pray!

God bless you,

David on behalf of the Elders

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