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Parking Restrictions this Sunday

Good afternoon folks,

 We were praying for you in the staff meeting this morning, trusting the Holy Spirit to empower and embrace you as you go about daily life in Jesus’ name, in the city, across the country or around the world. (Link to Sunday’s sermon on The Holy Spirit, John 14)

  Sunday 5th May sees the City of Edinburgh Council’s first ‘Open Streets’ experiment, where the Royal Mile will be pedestrianised for community use.  As a result vehicle access will be limited to blue badge holders and bicycles, and parking in the side streets will be available for the first service, and limited for the second.

 Once your initial thoughts of inconvenience subside, help me explore how might we enter into the spirit of things!  What does it mean for us to encourage the Council in seeking the ‘shalom of the city’?   (See Jeremiah 29:4-7)   If we are here for the good of the city, what positive moves can we make to bring life and hope in our home town? 

 Ideas on a postcard please, and, when you’ve finished dreaming about your lasting impact, here is a map and information to help you join us on Sunday to worship the city-transforming King of Kings.

  Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our God,


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