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W2W blog: Reset Retreat 4th January

Reset Retreat 

we'd love to invite you along ...

FRIDAY 4TH JANUARY 2019 @ CCC - 7pm for 7.32


Our heads tend to spin at this time of year as we rattle through responsibilities and delights.  2018 with all its drama is closing as we get set for the many expectations of another one!  But before we jump in, there is a pretty special chance to begin 2019 with a bit of intention...


At significant points in their Sinai peninsula wanderings, the Hebrew people set up camp.  


They stopped trekking.  

They paused from pressing on to the next thing.  

They washed. 




They pondered the mystery and majesty of the Holy One they followed. 

They focused on a central tent and on the rhythm of their lives, represented there.

They were reset.


On 4th January at 7pm (for 7.32 pm start … coz it might stick in our heads better!) we are going to do likewise. The lower part of Carrubbers is being transformed into that central tent, the tabernacle. We will take time on our own to walk though each section of the tabernacle.  To focus on connection with the Holy One we follow.  To pause.  And breathe.  To give Him a chance to finish his sentences!  To reset our hearts.

Am a little bit excited at this!

PS  Just so you have a little bit of extra confidence, this has been run a number of times in different settings before.  It’s been hugely beneficial for those who’ve engaged with it.  It’s a little bit exciting too!!!

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