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Psalm 98. Post sermon application thoughts

Psalm 98. Praying to enjoy God.

Sitting this morning, reflecting on Sunday night and our encouraging evangelism seminar last Thursday night has led me to ponder some post preaching application thoughts.

Last night we prayed for one missionary family and last Thursday we thought about our personal witness. Psalm 98 took us on a journey, to glorifying God and enjoying God forever.

On reflection, this journey to enjoying God could include: singing in prayer [ Psalm 98:1]; being more proactive in praying for the nations [ Revelation 21:24,26] our missionaries are working in and appreciating more, that speaking to others about Jesus could be an encouragement to the soul. [John 4:34]

A quick recap and some new thoughts for you to apply the word.

  1. Psalm 98:1-3 Praying to enjoy God...

... can include, singing. (v1)

... should include, acknowledging who God is and what he has done and is doing. (v2-3)

He is righteous.

He is working out his salvation, through Jesus our perfect sacrifice for sin and through the perfect Holy spirit who glorifies Jesus [John 16:14] and brings about Christ centred transformation to the soul. [2 Corinthians 3:18]  

Application. Take time to pray for your own soul and speak or sing to your own soul, using v1-3

  1. Psalm98:4-6 Praying to enjoy God...

... can include, praying for and summoning the nations.

... should include, acknowledging that God is the ruling King. (v6)

Application. Take time to pray for and summon the nations using v4-6. Spend some time considering how you are personally involved in summoning the nations as you pray for our missionaries.

  1. Psalm 98:7-9 Praying to enjoy God...

... can include praying for and summoning every person in the world. (v7)

... should include, acknowledging that God is the word speaking Judge. (v9; Heb.4:12-13)

Application. Take time to consider how you can pray for and summon every person in the world beginning by thinking about your own personal witness as Christmas approaches again this year.

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