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There is Hope - Night one

A great first night, where we were very aware of our reliance on God and not on our own abilities or resources. There was a steady stream of people in, and lots of good conversations going on.


Thanks to God for His peace upon things - lots of hurdles to overcome tonight as we learnt how to do things / get things working (first night); but, with the prayer team working overdrive, things were starting to come together which we're really grateful for.

Praise for great music from the House Band & Alabaster Box - visitors were joining in with Amazing Grace!


Lots of things we need to prep & get running for night two. Please pray for God's hand of Grace to go before us.

That everyone visiting would be welcomed, hear a clear presentation of the Gospel, and feel challenged by what they've heard and seen.

For the team - lots of people on night one - thanks! Please pray for plenty of workers for subsequent nights, and that we'll all be filled with Grace to support & encourage one another. We all need God's protection too as we're in the front line.

Please also remember in prayer the Puppets ministry - lots of people in, and the Buckstone holiday club - kids/Mums/Dads - pray that they all felt/feel welcome and hear the good news of Jesus. Pray for all those taking part/leading - that they'll be encouraged and emboldened in Faith and Hope.

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