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W2W Blog: When Life's a Mess

Life can feel like a mess 


Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the messiness of life?

The tensions of world politics, the differing views on gender and sexuality, the breakdown of relationships, health issues, family issues, the striving after money, happiness, grades, status…

... and then we look inside and see the mess our own lives are in… our frustration with people we love, our dissatisfaction with our identity, the mistakes we make and people we hurt… and then there’s guilt when we think about our relationship with God…

Life can feel like a mess…

Genesis three tells us exactly why life is such a mess and despite in some ways being the darkest chapter of the bible, it offers two incredible hopes

  1. God has a solution for the mess we are in
  2. God helps us live well despite the mess we are in

Do come and join us as we look at this remarkable chapter on Wednesday night. We’d love to encourage you and each other to see the hope we have no matter what the mess is that we are in right now.

Women to Women, Wednesday night, 7:15 for 7:30pm

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