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Hate Crimes Consultation

Around the world hate crime laws have been used against Christian preachers. Already there have been a number of very disturbing cases in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Now an official review is considering calls for new hate speech laws.

But you can do something about it.

The Scottish Government has asked Lord Bracadale to review so-called ‘hate crime’ laws. He is holding a public consultation which closes on Thursday 23 November. You can respond by email or online.

Can I urge you to take 15 minutes to respond today?

This briefing should give you everything you need to respond, including some tips for what to say.

Many of those who oppose Christian truth claim that disagreement is hatred. It is crucial we speak out in defence of our freedoms of speech, conscience and religion.

Please pray that Christians will respond in large numbers. And pray for us as we seek to equip and defend believers throughout Scotland in these challenging days.

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