Homegroup Questions – January 2022

Right Expectations and “Crossing the Pain Line”

Let’s begin tonight’s discussion by considering the question;

What stops you sharing the gospel with unbelievers?

Video by Rico Tice.

Questions for Discussion;

  1. When it comes to “crossing the painline” while journeying with people and motivating yourself to keep pointing them to Jesus, which one of the four Gs have you forgotten about? Which one is your weakest link?

Grace, Gehenna, Glory, Godliness

  1. What steps will you take to grow in the area you are weakest in? How can we help each other?
  1. Consider the truth that whether you are accepted or rejected by people, what makes you valuable is that Christ died for you. How does this help motivate you to speak about Jesus?
  1. Can you relate to the statement –“I really am distressed that at times I care more about what my friends think of me now than what God will think of them on Judgement Day”? 
  1. Read the parable of the sower in Mark 4:1-8. Identify the different responses to the gospel. How does this parable help set our expectations as we seek to share our faith and journey with people?



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